5 Steps to get your Airbnb funded
Follow the steps in this guide and get your airbnb funded with EVICTION INSURANCE

BnB Manifesto

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Airbnb arbitrage is the HOTTEST real estate strategy on the planet
Learn how to get your Airbnb or Short term rental Funded even if you don't have any money to startup
Airbnb has changed the real estate world forever. Now anyone can make money from real estate without owning any property. Airbnb arbitrage is the latest technique being utilized on the platform. Short term rentals are nothing new, but now technology has made it to where you can manage a multi-million dollar empire all from your phone.
  • Momentum Secrets to get investors pouring in.
  • Learn the Top Airbnb Arbitrage investors
  • Credit card hacks  
  • Secret credit card lists for 500 credit score and up
Join thousands of short term rental investors and cash-in on the Gold rush of the Airbnb era.  
Here’s What People Are Saying:

Nick Taylor, Airbnb Host

I had no money to get my first Airbnb property and I couldn't save enough from working because I barely made enough to pay my own bills. Getting funded really helped me and now I'm working on my 3rd Airbnb.

Keisha Johnson, Airbnb Host

I had already been a STR host but after I got funded, I was able to scale my business and now I host 13 rental properties. 
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$100 $37



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